How It Works

We market your vessel(s) free of charge on our website, via social media sites (predominantly LinkedIn) and discreetly to our contacts within the industry.

To have your vessel included, we require a detailed vessel specification and some pictures – this can be in any format to suit you as we then take your information and turn it into one of our standard specification sheets.  We will, on occasions, require our in-house auditor to visit your vessel to check it over prior to it being marketed. Your organisations name and your vessel names are not disclosed in any of our marketing until we have agreed with you to release these details to any prospective client.

All we charge is a simple 2.5% of any charter that we introduce.  How this works is we gross up any rate that the vessel owner requires by this 2.5% (rounded to nearest £50) and by any further commission, should the initial enquiry come via another broker.  At the point that a vessel and rates are accepted we make the direct introduction between the vessel owner and the customer and step out of the final details or else it can get far too complicated with too many people involved!

The vessel owner invoices for the charter directly and we then invoice the vessel owner for our commission, which keeps things totally transparent.

Any other party to whom commission is due, would also invoice you directly.

Should you introduce any charter to us, we would offer to pay you 2.5% commission on that charter.

Multi-Purpose Vessels for Charter